Sometimes protection plans feel like a waste because they don’t cover everything. The Guardsman Gold Complete Protection Plan is comprehensive and it works even when you don’t use it . If your furniture never needs to be repaired or replaced, all you have to do is call us and you’ll get that money back in the form of store credit on your next purchase.


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Guardsman protection plan

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A Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan helps protect your new furniture from accidental stains and damage caused by you or someone in your home. Guardsman Protection Plan Online Claim Form Login to initiate a claim or upload photos for an existing claim. No Service Agreement was found with the entered A Guardsman Protection Plan is furniture insurance. It covers your new furniture against accidental stains and damage for five years.

Guardsman protection plan

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However, if your furniture is being replaced you can buy a new plan directly from us, just ask your claim handler for more info: Your Guardsman plan is insurance which covers you against accidents, which means an unforeseen, one-off incident which results in a stain or damage, for example a rip or a scratch.

Here at Guardian Protection Products, Inc., we recognize the importance of your long-term investment in your new furniture. As established leaders in the furniture protection industry, Guardian takes great pride in providing protection plan coverages and products to … Guardsman is also the leading provider of Furniture Protection Plans in the countries where it does business, with more than 11 million protection plans in force throughout the world. They visit hundreds of thousands of homes every year to successfully repair furniture — so you know their products work! PROTECTION PLAN Your Guardsman Protection Plan has complete coverage details.
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Your Guardsman plan is insurance which covers you against accidents, which means an unforeseen, one-off incident which results in a stain or damage, for example a rip or a scratch. It does not cover you for stains or damage that arise naturally through normal use and ageing, or for your product becoming gradually dirty and out of condition over time.

With Guardsman Protection Plans, the customer can choose a protection plan best serving their needs for the lifestyle they live. With protection from Guardsman, you won’t have to worry about messy friends, you can let kids be kids and you can enjoy life’s surprises. Elite Furniture Protection Plan Guardsman – About Us Results Driven – Furniture Fixes New Gold Protection Plan from Guardsman The Havertys Advantage Q&A 2 TODAY’S AGENDA Guardsman Furniture Protection Plans offer you peace of mind because you have an expert to call if your covered furniture suffers damage or accidental stains Belfort Furniture’s offering of protection plans cover wood furniture, upholstered fabric furniture, leather furniture, mattresses, and rugs.